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We elevate the Art of Gardening with skill, attention to detail, and expert finishing touches

Fine Gardening at Bucks County Bonsai

Thanks to our high professional standards we have a reputation for exceeding our customer's expectations. As trained horticulturists, we have the knowledge, experience, and attention to detail that your garden deserves.

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Fine Gardening Services

Spring Clean up

(March/April) Includes pruning of all shrubs and perennials as needed, spring divisions of perennials when necessary, weeding, and removal of debris from garden beds. Optional fertilizer applications are also available.

Ongoing Maintenance

(May - October) Includes weeding and removal of debris from garden beds, pruning where needed, routine maintenance of perennials to maintain appearance.

Fall Clean up & Winterizing

(November/December) Includes weeding, cutting back perennials, pruning where appropriate, and the dividing of perennials where necessary. Final clean-up and debris removal from all garden beds.

Container Planting and Care

Our container program includes basic planting, maintenance, and renewal of container plants throughout the season.

Some of our recent work

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